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Real Issues. Real Solutions.

Now is a time to debate what matters: the issues that affect what kind of opportunities your children will have in school, the cost of your daily commute, and whether you'll see any relief from the growing costs of inflation. 


Solutions On The Table is an initiative from Washington Policy Center, aimed at generating conversation and elevating civic debate about key challenges and solutions for our state. Solutions sites provide quick videos that explain (and provide context for) key state issues, images for social media sharing, an opportunity to sign-up and keep informed, and links to further research and reading.  


Help us spread the word on Solutions for our state with your friends. Share the videos and images on your social media and bring the information with you to your public forums, and help us make Washington a better place to live. 




Washington state is our home. It's beautiful, diverse, culturally vibrant and the home of countless entrepreneurs. But it's also become more difficult to afford, less safe, and myopic in approach.  Washington Policy Center is a 501C3 non-profit dedicated to finding quality, market-based solutions, like those presented here, to improve our state.  We hope these bipartisan solutions to some of our state's key challenges spark debate and inspiration in leaders from both parties and citizens from all corners of the state.

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