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Washington is facing a nursing shortage

Licensed qualified nurses from other states are kept away due to the costly wait it takes for Washington to issue their in-state nursing license.

Joining the Nurse Licensure Compact can change that.

Stay informed to know what  proposals are coming out of Olympia and get the analysis you need to UNDERSTAND what they mean!

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Yes, I believe Washington should  join the NLC!

Current state licensing requirements deter 
nurses from coming to Washington to work.

This lowers hospital bed capacity and places a heavy burden on the nurses who are already working.

National Public Radio


"Almost 1 in 10 nurses who were issued new licenses last year waited six months or longer..."

Nurse Licensure Compact



NLC nurses can work in any other compact state without licensing barriers and delays.


The NLC maintains patient protection at the state level.

There are currently 37 states and 2 jurisdictions participating in the NLC

Joining the NLC will help attract new graduates, nurses thinking about relocating to the state, and military spouses who are nurses.

The NLC helps nurses save time
so they can get back to saving lives.

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