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Washington currently holds a monopoly on workers' compensation insurance.

Costs are sharply increasing and workers are left with no option but to pay more and more.

Stay informed to know what  proposals are coming out of Olympia and get the analysis you need to UNDERSTAND what they mean!

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Yes, Washington should end its monopoly on workers’ compensation
insurance so that workers and employers have  more choices!

Washington is only one of a few states that still holds a monopoly on workers' compensation insurance.

Workers' compensation rates increased an average of 3.1% at the beginning of 2022 with plans on additional increases to come.

If nothing changes, the rate increase for agricultural workers in 2023 could jump an average of 6% - 14% .

Full-time equivalent people employed in orchards in the state will see their rates increase by 8%  should the proposed changes go through.

That means $31 a paycheck paid by workers

and $123 a paycheck paid by employers.

Employers and employees should be able to buy workers' compensation insurance from a private provider rather than the state.


Insurance providers are incentivized through competition to offer the best deal for everyone involved.

Oregon and Idaho allowed private insurers to compete for business, ultimately driving workers compensation prices down to a much more reasonable level.

Washington employers and employees should be able to have options; 
Options that work for them and not just the state.

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