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Washington experienced governance via emergency order for 975 days.

During this time, major policy was created outside the public legislative process.

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Yes, I believe we need to restore balance with emergency powers reform!


2020 saw states across the country
invoke emergency powers to deal with COVID-

Democratic and Republican governors across the country ended their emergency orders after a limited time.

But after more than two years
of emergency proclamations, when asked about pleas to relinquish emergency powers for legislative oversight Washington' s governor equated them to supporting a coup.

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Requiring affirmative legislative approval after 30 days does not encroach on the governor's authority. 

What does reform look like?

Balance the existing law so that both the waiving of statute and restrictive proclamations expire after 30 days unless the legislature votes to continue.

What will reform do? 

Follow the lead of most other American states

Ensure that there are no open doors for corruption

Restore checks and balances to the state government

Allow citizens’, via their representatives,
to have more say with how their state is run

It's time to restore the balance of power between the governor and legislature.

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