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Tax on Gas

By next year, a new CO2 Emissions tax is projected to add $0.46/gallon to gas and $0.56/gallon to diesel.

Funding Students

Washington needs to pass Education Scholarship Accounts (ESA) and begin funding students instead of funding the system.

Tax Relief  

Washington has a $1.5 billion increase in the June Revenue Forecast and has passed on the opportunity to provide broad-based tax relief in 2022.

Low Carbon Fuel Standard

The low-carbon fuel standard imposes serious costs. Costs that may increase significantly over time.

Long-Term Care

Workers in Washington will soon face a new payroll tax for a long-term-care program that only offers minimal benefits to some for the short-term,  if it offers any at all. 

Collective Bargaining

Washington citizens expect open government, but some of the biggest deals involving enormous sums of taxpayer dollars are conducted in secret, behind closed doors.

Nursing Licensure Compact

Washington is facing a nursing shortage, but legislators have the opportunity to streamline licensing requirements and allow qualified nurses from other states to work here with few barriers. 

Coming Soon

Check back every week for updates!

Coming Soon

Check back every week for updates!

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