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= Funding that follows the     students not the system.

Education Scholarship
Accounts (ESAs)

Yes, I believe funding should prioritize students, not the system!

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Washington saw public schools closed to in-person learning for significant parts of two school years. The affected students suffered learning loss and emotional harms.

It is Washington state's paramount duty to educate each child within its borders.

​If a child is stuck in a failing school or dangerous environment, parents should be able to direct significant funding for their child. The state needs to make good on their paramount duty and offer the same financial assistance to parents who wish send their child to  private schools or homeschool.


Parents shouldn't feel stuck if something is not working. Don't be left feeling without a choice.

ESA's are funded with 90% of the base amount the state provides to educate each student. 


ESA's will help parents with

  • Tuition

  • Textbooks

  • Tutoring

  • School Fees

  • Education Supplies

  • Other Education-Related Fees

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