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Washington's revenue forecasts are showing even more surplus revenue coming to the state...

With billions in tax surplus, the Governor and his legislature passed on their chance to provide broad-based tax relief. 

How much higher must it go to get relief?

We believe the time is NOW for a cut to the state sales tax!

If not now, when? It's time for a cut to the state sales tax!


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With more money flowing in, it's time legislators helped mitigate the pain of inflation through  much needed tax relief programs.

A significant cut to the sales tax would be the first since 1982 and could reduce the pain many are feeling with inflation and reduce the tax burden for lower income residents.

Other Democratic states have already seen huge amounts of Tax Relief.

Automatic Income Tax Rebate
triggered by the state surplus.
$600 rebate for anyone who received
an Oregon Earned Income Credit.
$400 Gas Tax Rebate
$12 billion in Direct Checks
$850 Rebate per Taxpayer
Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 3.32.22 PM.png
Several Targeted Tax Credits
$2.2 billion in One-Time Property Tax Rebates
$162 million in Income Tax Relief
$300 Rebate per Taxpayer
$336 million in Tax Cut Relief
$250 million Tax Rebate
$300 Rebate per Taxpayer
Business Gross Receipts Tax Rate Reduction
$250 Rebate per Taxpayer
Additional $500 Rebate per Taxpayer
$1.8 billion in Tax Relief for Individuals and Families
Income Tax Reduction
State Tax Rebate
Property Tax Assessment Rate Reduction
Additional Auto Tax Reduction to Trigger Again This Year.
$900 million in Property Tax Relief

It's time for Washington to put state spending aside and do something to relieve the pressure COVID-19 and inflation has placed upon working Washingtonians.  

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