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Workers in Washington will soon face a new payroll tax for a long-term-care program...

that only offers minimal benefits to some for the short-term,  if it offers any at all. 

Stay informed to know what  proposals are coming out of Olympia and get the analysis you need to UNDERSTAND what they mean!

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Yes, I believe Washington should  repeal the LTC payroll tax!

The need for long-term-care planning is real, but the WA Cares program dangerously promises peace of mind when the limited benefit is unlikely to cover actual need, and many could be excluded from claiming any benefit at all - even if they paid into the program! 

The WA Cares program hurt the sale of affordable, private, long-term-care coverage and made it even further out of reach for many Washington residents. 

Yet state lawmakers give the high cost of private insurance as their main reason for creating an involuntary state-run program.

The payroll tax will collect 58 cents for every hundred dollars earned - for now.  There are conflicting reports concerning the program's solvency and benefit programs of this type typically increase in cost.


Some low-income workers will be forced to hand over a portion of their income to benefit those with higher incomes who may not need assistance.

The program is unpopular. A poorly publicized, difficult, one-time-only opt-out window was offered. 

Despite the restrictions, nearly 500,000 people learned of the exemption, found or already had a private policy, and opted out of the program.

The median cost of a private room in a nursing home is now over $100,000 per year.

WA Cares and its payroll tax need to be repealed. Washington state residents need the freedom to choose the long-term-care planning that best suits their specific needs. 

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