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Washington’s state rules make it difficult and costly for motivated people to become working, self-sufficient members of their communities.

This can require  hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.

Stay informed to know what  proposals are coming out of Olympia and get the analysis you need to UNDERSTAND what they mean!

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Yes, I believe it should be easier for people to earn a living.

Skilled workers, immigrants, and those with a criminal record have to spend hundreds, or even thousands of hours, and thousands of dollars to attain the occupational license a number of potential jobs require.

Many of the licensing requirements are excessive and irrational


A manicurist must pay for 600 hours of training to qualify for a license

A hairstylist must have a minimum of 1,400 hours to qualify for a license.

a tattoo artist requires 0 hours of training.

Research shows occupational licenses do not deliver the health and consumer protection that their backers claim

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Reduce the barriers imposed by the current system that make it that much harder for those with a criminal record to receive an occupational license

Recognize occupational licenses from other states

Review and renew licenses on a regular basis, at the lowest cost, to ensure that the individual is aptly qualified


Military families, migrants and others who relocate would not be stuck with the only option of starting from scratch


A real opportunity to become self-sufficient, successful, members of their community

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